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Our Mission

The Marcy Lab School is reimagining higher education and workforce development with one critical mission: to create an alternative pathway to wealth generating technology careers for young adults from underestimated backgrounds. Over the past 20 years, we've seen colleges and universities across the country fail our young people and saddle them with student debt. So we designed a better way — a no-cost alternative program that provides graduates with a direct route to meaningful careers.

Just three months from graduation, 80% of our Fellows are working as fulltime software engineers with an average salary of $106,000.

Why college
is broken

For decades, college has been our nation’s presumptive solution to moving families out of poverty and into the middle class. Yet over the past 20 years, we’ve seen this 'solution' repeatedly fail communities of color. Colleges and universities across the country more often act as barriers to opportunity for our young people due to crippling costs and an inability to support high-need students to completion. Still, each year, 7 million low-income families take on the risk & financial burden of enrolling in higher education, often because no better alternatives exist.

Marcy is unique because their model is comprehensive when it comes to both software engineering and professional development. No other program I’ve come across provides as much educational depth or as full a commitment to uplifting to Black and Brown students and those from low-income backgrounds. That they make all of this possible at no cost to students is all the more impressive.

Devonaire Ortiz, Recruiting Programs Manager, Cockroach Labs

Our Impact

We are incredibly proud of our 2020-21 Fellows who have developed into confident, technically-proficient problem solvers who know their worth and have landed software engineering jobs paying more than $100,000 per year.

We serve a racially diverse student body with additional emphasis on gender parity. This year's class was 57% women and 70% Black and/or Latinx. 100% come from low-income backgrounds and many are first generation citizens.

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80% of this year’s graduates have launched software engineering careers with an average salary of $106,500.


City College of New York Graduate Median Salary


Average Salary of Entry-Level Software Engineer in NYC


City College of New York Median Mid-Career Salary


Marcy Lab Graduate Median Compensation 60 Days Post Graduation

  • City College of New York Graduate Median Salary
  • Average Salary of Entry-Level Software Engineer in NYC
  • City College of New York Median Mid-Career Salary
  • Marcy Lab Graduate Median Compensation 60 Days Post Graduation


Our flagship program, the Software Engineering Fellowship, is a true alternative to college, designed to be a direct pathway for young people of color from low socioeconomic backgrounds to employment as entry-level software engineers. Upon graduation, fellows are equipped with a strong understanding of computer science skills, a portfolio that showcases their talent in practice, and the capacity to compete in the burgeoning technology economy while creating economic mobility for themselves and their families.

  • Software engineering training

    Through a project-based curriculum, students not only learn the most in-demand programming languages and frameworks today, but they learn fundamentals and first principles that they will carry with them throughout their careers.

  • Leadership development

    Our goal is to cultivate confidence. Our Leadership Development program pushes Fellows to understand their strengths, their passions, who they are, and where they come so that they know that they add value to whatever room they enter into.

  • Immersive apprenticeship

    Classroom-based training is followed by a three-month paid apprenticeship where fellows apply their skills to complex problems as part of a real engineering team or by working on an open-source software project.

  • Career fluency

    We prepare our Fellows to communicate their strengths and values throughout the interview process and navigate the norms of communication and relationship building in a corporate setting. We are with them every step of the way in the hiring process.

Meet our

We are so proud of this year's Fellows who have exceeded our greatest expectations by securing fulfilling careers, ending the cycle of generational poverty for their families, and making the technology space more equitable and diverse for those who come after them.

Ebony Brown

Software Engineering Apprentice, Cockroach Labs

Rosmary Fermin

Software Engineer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Seola Carrano

Software Engineer, Bevy

Moises Dolores

Software Engineering Fellow, Spotify

Shemar Gordon

Software Engineer, Squarespace

Rabia Khan

Software Engineer, WW (formerly Weight Watchers)

Nila Singh

Software Engineer, JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Thanks to the generosity of our community, we were able to triple our impact this year while building the infrastructure to scale our powerful higher education model well into the future.


Total Revenue

1 Grants: 73%
2 Individual Donations: 4%
3 Earned Income: 23%


Total Expenses

1 Program Services: 71%
2 Management & Admin: 28%
3 Fundraising: 1%

Thank you to our partners

Our employer partners:

WW (formerly Weight Watchers)AsanaSpotifyJP MorganShopifySquarespaceHubspotThe New York TimesCockroach labsStashsmartsheetTeacherspayteachersDemocracy Works

110 Foundation



Braven Education

Crisis Text Line

Flatiron Health

Giant Machines



PDT Partners


Samsung NEXT

Trevor Project


Our 2020—2021 financial supporters:


Arbor Brothers

Chicago Community Trust

Cognizant US Foundation


Education Leaders of Color

Feinman Family Foundation

Ira DeCamp Foundation

The Jean & Louis Dreyfus Foundation

JP Morgan Chase

The Lawrence Foundation

Llewellyn Family Foundation




Nathan Cummings Foundation

NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity

PDT Partners

The Pinkerton Foundation

The Price Family Foundation

Solon E. Summerfield Foundation

Teach for America

The Tiger Foundation

Tom Russell Charitable Foundation

William T. Grant Foundation

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